Hot! The top 10 fast and economical cars!

top 10 fast economical cars

So with petrol prices on the rise, the things we hear most about at the moment are all about miles per gallon instead of the 0-62mph. When it costs in excess of £60 to fill the tank, you want to make sure that it lasts for more than a week before you have to fill up again. However for those that are used to performance vehicles, sacrificing speed for MPG’s can be a pretty horrible feeling at times. Most of the time you’re happy tootling around enjoying getting your 50 miles to the gallon, and then a nice opportunity presents itself to put your foot down a little bit and your car feels like a slug.

As a result, we’ve put together a Petrol Heads list of the top 10 cars that offer good MPGs while also offering some quite high levels of performance (medium-high range). Now these cars have been chosen by us, so it is by no means a complete list and there may be some obvious ones that we’ve missed. If so please feel free to comment below with your recommendations. The cars have been listed in order of the highest combined MPGs:

Manufacturer Model Gearbox Top Speed BHP 0-62mph C02 Tax Ins Group Urban Extra Urban Combined OTR price
VW Golf 2.0 TDI GT Manual 130mph 140 9.3 126 D 12 46.3 68.9 58.9 £21,815
Honda Civic CTDI 2.2 Manual 127mph 140 8.6 135 E 10 42.8 65.7 55.4 £21,125
VW Scirocco 2.0 TDI GT Manual 137mph 170 8.1 139 E 14 40.4 65.7 53.3 £24,705
Mercedes C250 CDI Blue efficiency Manual 148mph 204 7.8 140 E 15 42.2 62.8 53.3 £32,000
Audi A3 2.0 TDI Quattro Manual 138mph 170 7.9 148 F 14 39.2 60.1 50.4 £22,735
BMW 320D Manual 140mph 163 8.3 153 D 14 36.2 62.8 49.6 £28,080
SEAT Leon 2.0 TDI FR Manual 135mph 170 8.3 159 G 12 36.2 56.5 47.1 £18,235
Skoda Fabia vRS 1.4 Semi Auto 139mph 180 7.3 148 F 14 36.7 54.3 45.6 £16,415
Mini Cooper S 1.6 Manual 140mph 175 7.1 149 F 15 35.8 54.3 45.6 £17,065
Jaguar XFD V6 3.0 Auto 149 mph 240 6.7 179 I 18 30 51.3 42.1 £36,065

So what do you think? Obviously each car is suited to different age ranges and budgets, but overall I have to say that I’m most impressed by the Skoda Fabia vRS. It’s a 1.4L 180BHP engine, with a semi auto DSG gear box. It is capable of 0-62mph in 7.3 seconds while still offering a combined MPG of 45.6. For an OTR price of £16,415 and a second hand price of around £12,000 this seems like an absolute bargain. Of course, I must stress that this is based purely upon what I have read on paper. I have never actually driven a Skodia Fabia vRS, and until I have I can’t really recommend it!

Hopefully this helps anyone looking to buy a good car with a compromise between performance and economy, and as mentioned, if there are any cars you would like to add to our list then please comment!


  1. The new Honda Civic 2.2 litre diesel is 150bhp, does 0-62 mph in 8.5 seconds and gets 67 mpg!

  2. BMW 535d gets 43mpg combined and 0-62mph in 6.4 seconds…

  3. What about the 2009 Audi TT 2.0 TDI Quattro? Stats:

    0 – 60 7.5 secs
    140mph max speed
    40.4mpg urban, 65.7mpg extra urban, 53.3mpg combined

  4. 2008 BMW Alpina D3 2.0 Bi Turbo Diesel:

    0 – 60 6.9 secs
    152mph max speed
    42.2mpg urban, 61.4mpg extra urban, 52.3mpg combined

  5. What about an RS Clio?

    180 bhp

    0-60 6.9 seconds
    139mph max speed
    30mpg urban, 45mpg extra urban, 35mpg combined

  6. Croissant lover

    @Steve the RS Clio is pretty bad mpgs – 35 combined is comparatively low to those listed!

  7. Also the 1.9cdti 150 astra sri – awesome cars!

  8. the 2012-onwards bmw 320d EfficientDynamics – 0-62 in 8 seconds @ over 80MPG!!!

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